A day on the water with us

With my Baaiman 601 Fishing equipped with a 70 HP Yamaha and a Minn-Kota 80LBS Terrova front roller we go on the water. On board the Garmin fish finders, rods and lures are available to make the day a success. From casting fishing to trolling, vertical fishing and of course the different finesse techniques, we can try everything out. Never fished with a baitcaster before? Let me know and an extra set will be ready for you on board.

Icing on the cake: We now have the Garmin pantoptix livescope on board!  What does this mean you might ask? Well this type of Fishfinder shows you your bait under water in real time.  This means that when you see the fish take the bait, you also feel the hit on your rod simultaniously!

Basically, we start at 8 am and have about 8 hours of fishing ahead of us. In the summer months this can also be rebooked to 2 sessions of 4 hours with an early morning session and a late afternoon session. This with a view to higher temperatures and the consequent recurring bites during the summer days. It is also better for the fish especially Pike, not to be hooked during these warm hours.

I always use the "Catch and Release" principle. This means that no fish can be taken for consumption on a guide day.

By appointment we can organize the day (s) in such a way that you will do exactly what you want in terms of technology, material and area. Of course, we remain dependent on the weather and sometimes have to adapt a bit.

Initially I guide on the Sneekermeer and the surrounding lakes and ponds and canals in Friesland. But I can also divert to, for example, the Randmeren, the “Veluwemeer” or the IJssel river. Please contact me to see what the options are.

Groups with more then 3 anglers we can also be accomodated!

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