About us

Being a watersport and fishing enthusiast myself, I set up my business in Sneek; always in a very close collaboration with Rheinlandboote.  
Having worked with them in Sloten and at the Volkerak (South Holland) it was time to set up my very own station in Sneek. With the expertise and experience from the Rheinlandboote team, this step was easy to make.

The Rheinlandboote /Predator-Fishing-Holland family is growing.  We can offer our fishing boats on 3 different locations throughout the Netherlands.  
We also work closely together with some famous fishing guides. Having some great anglers and fishing guides on our team gives you a chance to dip in this pool of expertise as well.

With Ranger and Tracker Boats coming to the Netherlands everything is coming together. We will be able to supply you with 3 kinds of fishing boats, rental or purchase.   

Don´t miss out on a great fishing experience!  Get in touch via E-mail, Facebook or call the number below.

See you soon in Sneek!

Jeroen Kok


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