Do you want to go fishing but you are not familiar with the area? Our experienced fishing guides lead you to the best fishing spots. You can rent a boat and rent a guide with it as well. A lot of our clients rent a guide for the first day, so after the first day they are familiar with all the best spots and they are ready to catch that trophy fish! 


1 day (8 Hours) of boats guiding for 1-2 persons ionklusive materials:


For an additional angler I charge an extra €65,-  (max 3 Angler on board)


During the summer (juli / August) I have different rates :

4 Hours boat: €155,- per person

Every additional hour: €40,-

every additional angler: €40,-  (max. 3 angler) 


Street fishing:

€65,- per person  (4 hours)

Max of 4 people (group discount applies)

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